Law School Outlines

The materials you may access below are my personal outlines, made during my first year of law school. While they may not be exhaustive in covering all topics you may encounter, they are very detailed. For each subject, I drew upon multiple different supplements (primarily hornbooks and more comprehensive treatises) in creating these outlines, and they are likely to be far different from other outlines you would encounter–primarily because of their depth and nuance. Note, these outlines should not be your primary source of study, but used to fill in gaps in certain areas in a more succinct form than you would receive if you went straight to the secondary source relied upon. My goal is to provide you with resources that contain additional information on topics, readily available by way of a simple CTRL+f search.

I also recommend that you not only use these outlines, but also check out the supplement’s I relied on, as, inevitably, my outlines will not be exhaustive in covering all the concepts covered.  They are hyperlinked below.

Civil Procedure File: Within this file you will find several different documents, spanning most areas in a first year Civil Procedure Class. The only major area missing summary adjudication. For that section, and for a more detailed look at Civ Pro generally, I recommend the following treatises: Civil Procedure Hornbook by Friedenthal, Kane, and Miller; Civil Procedure by Richard Freer; and Civil Procedure by Hazard. I have drawn on all of these treatises in creating this file.

Contracts File: This file contains everything from outlines on Contract formation to outlines on Unconscionability and other defenses. Most of these resources are derived from Farnsworth on Contracts, but I also drew from Calamari and Perillo’s Hornbook on Contracts and Understanding Contracts for the Warranty section. Enjoy!

Constitutional Law (I) File: This file includes outlines on Standing, Federalism, The Commerce Clause, The Dormant Commerce Clause, Preemption, Substantive Due Process (Privacy), Incorporation, Privileges and Immunities, and more. I also included a short outline on textual interpretation from Tribe’s treatise (I found this incredibly helpful). The treatise’s relied upon are Tribe’s Con Law Treatise and Chemerinsky’s treatise.

Torts Outline: This file just contains a single Torts outline I used for that class. The outline is drawn primarily from Understanding Torts, but also has sections from Dobbs’ Tort Hornbook, which I highly recommend. The Dobbs’ treatise, and the outline, is what relied on during the days leading up to the exam.

Property Outline: This file contains various outlines I created for my Property Class. Most major areas are included, with lengthy outlines on Easements, Covenants, and Equitable Servitudes, The Leasehold Estates (Tenancy in Common etc…) and more
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