My Story

Matt G


I am a 2016 graduate of the Santa Clara University School of Law. The purpose of this blog is to provide high quality resources, in various forms, to potential law students, law students, and lawyers. Since my time as a 1L, I have enjoyed recommending supplements and other resources to students; this blog is simply my outlet to provide that value to those outside my community.

The blog will also feature posts about how I was able to succeed in law school and enjoy the process tremendously. Law school has truly been incredibly enjoyable for me and has provided me an opportunity to grow substantially–intellectually and otherwise. I believe with the right tools and knowledge, everyone has the ability to enjoy law school.

Other posts, that aren’t immediately law-related, will instead focus on books I’m reading to improve and grow my skill set–with the goal of implementing those skills in my law practice. Hopefully this information will be relevant to you as well.

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