Recent Citations to my Law Review Article in Supreme Court Briefings

My 2016 law review article about the Private Attorney General Act, a hotly contested California Labor Law Statute, was recently cited in a smattering of briefs, all on appeal at the California Supreme Court and United States Supreme Court.  Check out the citations below, along with the article.

The Private Attorney General Act- How to Manage the Unmanageable

Taguilug v. Bloomingdales Amicus Brief

Lubin v. Wackinhut Amicus Brief Amicus Brief

Bloomingdale v. Vitolo Amicus Brief Amicus Brief

Anyone who publishes a law review article is concerned with whether or not anyone will read it.  I am ecstatic that my article has been valuable at not only a theoretical level–e.g., cited in other law review articles or treatises–but on a very practical level–e.g., briefs in the Supreme Court.  The notion that such an article could help change the law in any area is both motivating and fulfilling–even though it is likely either of the high court’s here will grant cert.  Nonetheless, writing law review articles are a great way to propel yourself, personally, into an area of the law and I think it is definitely worth it to spend the time writing one, especially in law school.